RUIQI’s business philosophy of ten years, and how does this philosophy affect RUIQI?

RUIQI was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Fu’an City, Fujian Province. RUIQI has ten years of experience in water pump manufacturing. It is a water pump manufacturer that has experienced various severe postgraduate entrance examinations. During this period of time RUIQI gradually formed the corporate philosophy of achieving a win-win situation with cooperation and integrity, developing hand in hand with customers, giving back to the society to create a better future. RUIQI’s products can be used for agricultural irrigation, industrial wastewater treatment, household water supply, and deep well pumping; RUIQI is a professional Manufacturer of water pumps.


Under the influence of the corporate philosophy of integrity and win-win, RUIQI attaches great importance to product quality and innovation, and also attaches great importance to the punctuality of product delivery dates. RUIQI strictly controls every process to ensure that every manufacturing process does not make mistakes . RUIQI is committed to deeply understanding customer needs, constantly improving products, and making customer experience more comfortable and convenient. RUIQI believes that only a product manufacturer that is loved by customers is a company that can achieve long-term development. RUIQI enhances customers’ product experience by manufacturing high-quality products that meet customer needs. Through various initiatives, RUIQI has achieved a turnover of 50 million US dollars. This is a win-win situation created by the joint efforts of customers and RUIQI.


RUIQI has a professional technical team, research and development equipment, and customer service team which can provide customers with a full range of services, guarantee the quality of each batch of products, and after-sales, make the pump run stably and make customers satisfied with our services.


Our products sell well in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa. There are RUIQI customers all over the world, and they have become the closest cooperative partners with RUIQI.

Post time: May-29-2023