The 134th Canton Fair

The first phase of the 134th Canton Fair (also known as the China Import and Export Fair) , from Oct.15-19, concluded successfully a few days ago with remarkable results. Despite the continuing challenges posed by the pandemic, the show went ahead smoothly, demonstrating the resilience and determination of the global business community.

One of the highlights of this year’s show is the significant increase in the number of exhibitors and buyers. More than 25,000 companies participated in the exhibition, covering a wide range of industries such as electronics, machinery, textiles, and household products. This overwhelming response shows that despite the current economic uncertainty, businesses are eager to explore new opportunities.

The virtual format of the show further boosted engagement. By moving the event online, organizers are able to reach a wider audience and eliminate geographic barriers that often prevent smaller companies from participating. This digital transformation has proven to be a game-changer, with the number of online transactions and business negotiations at the show reaching unprecedented levels.

Our booth for water pump was in Hall 18. The buyers present expressed satisfaction with the rich exhibits and comprehensive matching services. They were impressed by the quality and variety of products on display, which enabled them to find the best supply for their business. Many buyers also concluded deals and established fruitful partnerships, laying the foundation for future collaborations.

The 134th Canton Fair

Post time: Oct-31-2023