What kind of friends does RUIQI want to meet through the exhibition? What inspiration did RUIQI get?

RUIQI is very keen to participate in industry-related exhibitions around the world. In the 133rd Canton Fair in 2023, RUIQI is also very honored to be a part of the exhibitors, looking for our partners in the Canton Fair and visiting various exhibits of other exhibitors. RUIQI is also looking forward to more friends who have the same goal to visit the RUIQI’s headquarter and factory. These exchange and cooperation have brought a lot of inspiration to RUIQI. By opening up the upstream and downstream supply chains, The price of RUIQI’s products can be reduced, the delivery date of products can be shortened, and the quality of products can be better guaranteed.
Through participating in the exhibition, RUIQI has met friends from all over the world. Through face-to-face communication with these friends and customers; exchanges and cooperation with other exhibitors. RUIQI has a more intuitive understanding of the defects in RUIQI’s products, and also let RUIQI can have a deeper understanding of the our Customers’ needs. Through these exchanges and cooperation, RUIQI can redesign and improve the products by technical team and design team in a more targeted manner, so as to improve the quality of the products. Realize the differentiation of RUIQI’s products, make RUIQI’s products more suitable for customers’ needs, and optimize customers’ product experience.


With the efforts of RUIQI’s management team, technical team and sales team, RUIQI’s products sell well in more than 20 countries around the world so that we have met many friends who have the same goal with RUIQI. They have all become loyal customers of RUIQI’s close partner. We also hope that together with friends who are interested in RUIQI’s products.Through our joint efforts to selling RUIQI’s products that can serve more people. In this way, RUIQI and customers can truly achieve win-win cooperation.

Post time: Jun-15-2023